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iLookin.com is an affordable and easily accessible online educational service that allows you to work on your own personal development without others watching.

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Your learning process is our primary concern and we understand you all learn differently. Courses use a variety of learning methods:  readings, audio presentations, slide presentations, videos, webinars and self-help handouts.

Mission:  to provide affordable and easily accessible online educational materials for people looking to achieve personal growth.  It is our belief that education empowers people to choose an infinite number of options and goals, which lead to maximum growth and personal development in all aspects of their lives.

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In today’s fast paced, technology driven life, we tend to share everything about our lives.  iLookin.com provides an opportunity for you to work on your personal growth via self-help courses and resources while providing total privacy and anonymity.

You can fully explore your life and attempt new behaviors in a personal way and, once mastered to your satisfaction, feel free to share your accomplishment with whomever you choose.

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